RFID 2.0

Innovative RF solutions

Our mission

Aveer leverages cutting edge research from Cornell University to create RFID systems that enable unparalleled accuracy and sub millimeter, real time localization. Our technology has the potential to disrupt existing RFID markets and opens the door for exciting new applications.  

High localisation accuracy

Our patented approach enables a localisation accuracy in the mm range in real time

Multiple tag tracking

Our system can track a high volume of end effectors simultaneously and easily distinguish between them

No line of sight requirement

Our system sees beyond physical barriers like walls and objects. Track your end effectors without requiring a line of sight.

Cost effective

Tags are all completely passive leading to a cost effective tracking solution

Target Markets

Our SmartRetail solution can track every item in the store in realtime to improve inventory accuracy, provide in-store analytics and seamless self-checkout.

Aveer tags are a platform/application agnostic solution to perform real time 3D tracking with precision down to 50 micrometers – the width of a human hair.

Aveer tags offer unprecedented localization of large numbers of assets in tight spaces with no line of sight requirement. 

Aveer tags make it possible to precisely locate and track any device in real time enabling new applications for IOT. 

Our team

Dr. Nikolaus Hammler


Michael Cohen


Waleed Alhammami

Lead Engineer

Maryam Miri

Research Intern, Concordia University

Prof. Edwin Kan

Inventor, Cornell University

Xiaonan Hui

Scientific advisor, Cornell University

Emilie Boutros, CPA, CA

Business advisor, Tandemlaunch

Dr. Helge Seetzen

Strategy advisor, Tandemlaunch